Community Service

When Scouts recite the Scout Oath they promise to do their best to “…help other people at all times” and to obey the Scout Law, which states that a Scout is Helpful. To help Scouts live up to these ideals, and to the instill the notion of putting others’ needs above their own, each rank from Tenderfoot to Eagle has a service component. To help fulfill these requirements, the troop strives to offer regular opportunities for Scouts to complete these service hours within the community. In addition, Scouts are encouraged to engage in service hours above and beyond the minimums required for ranks, merit badges, and other awards. The following is a list of Scoutmaster approved service opportunities for Troop 177. This list is by no means exhaustive, if you have an idea for service that you think we should add to the list, please let your Scoutmaster know.

Ms. Varnadoe from Troop 77 has compiled the following list of available service opportunities for Scouts in our area. If you know of others, please feel free to suggest them to your SPL.

The Oak Grove BBQ is Back – and we need you!

After going virtual for the last 2 years, we’re heading Back to the Pit with the 61 st Annual Oak Grove BBQ on Saturday, October 15 from 11AM – 4PM! In addition to being a great day filled with delicious, lip-smacking, belly-rubbing food, the BBQ is a huge fundraiser for multiple ministries – including scouting!

Scouts have ALWAYS been a HUGE part of the Oak Grove BBQ, and we need you this year! There are many jobs for younger scouts, older scouts and adult volunteers to cook, set up, serve, or help clean up. All volunteers will earn service hours and the coveted, collectable Oak Grove BBQ Patch!

Wondering what the best job is for you?

  • Cub Scouts (with parents) and First Year BSA Scouts: Consider helping with the Dining Room
    Drinks and Turnover, helping to clear plates and clean tables!
  • Traditional Scouts: Consider helping with Clean Up or Stew Stirring!
  • Older Scouts and Adults: You can sign up for any job, including Stew Stirring, Pulling of the Pork,
    or a coveted overnight Pork Cooking Shift!
  • In addition to these ‘official’ jobs, there’s a longstanding tradition for Scouts to cook cobbler for
    the late-night cooking crew.

To volunteer or to buy your BBQ Tickets, go to:
If you have questions OR if you’d like to be part of the Cobbler crew, please contact Adam DeLange:

Woodlands Garden

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to give back to greenspace this summer!

Volunteer Projects are in action at Woodlands Garden and we welcome EVERYONE to join! Not only do volunteers help with essential, hands-on tasks like mulching which adds to the beauty of the Garden’s trails, but they have a fun time connecting with each other in the great outdoors. Come give back to your local greenspace and meet some new Garden friends at the same time.


Workdays are the second Saturday of each month. They take the hottest summer months off. Please email Tom Branch at to be added to their email list so you will have the most up-to-date information. Mr. Branch is also willing to work with Scouts individually or your patrol if you are looking for a service project or Eagle Project.

Briarlake Forest

Workdays are typically the third Saturday of each month from 9:30-12:30. Next workday is Saturday, May 21 from 9am-noon. Parking lot may be closed; please walk or park nearby. Bring work gloves, rakes, shovels, and a wheelbarrow. Sign up for emails on their website to get notifications. Very nice people and they are always very appreciative of our service!

Mary-Scott Nature Preserve

Contact: Susan Hanson

Regular workdays are the first Saturday of the month. Many thanks to those who have helped in the past. We are making progress, come see some areas cleared of English Ivy now are growing wildflowers. We also have the need for Eagle Scout Projects to build additional steps.

Pendergast Park


They do not have regularly scheduled workdays, but you can sign up for notifications by emailing or on Nextdoor. Friends of Pendergast Park can be found on Facebook

The park is located at 1996 Chrysler Drive.

W.D. Thomson Park


W.D. Thomson Park is located near Emory on Mason Mill Road. Join their email list if you would like to receive notifications for future workdays.

Please join us (with your own mask and work gloves, please) on our upcoming workdays. We’ve got invasives to Please join us on our upcoming workdays. We will provide snacks, water, and tools. Bring your own work gloves if you have them. We’ve got invasives to remove, natives to plant, and structures to design and build (steps, kiosks, benches, and a few more bridges). We can accommodate most ages and abilities. Meet on the basketball court.

Alternative Projects & Workdays. If you’d like to volunteer your time and talent on different days or times, just let us know. And if you have project ideas, and other things you’d like to see done in the park – let us know that, too, and we can help figure out about making it happen.

Coralwood School Garden

Contact: Marty Hunnicutt at

Contact Marty Hunnicutt at or 404-435-7365 if you would like to help maintain the garden in front of the school. Opportunities are seasonal.