Summer Camp

When: June 18 – 24, 2023      Sunday – Saturday 

  • Where: Camp Sequoyah
    ~ 1.5 hour drive, 95 miles
    4907 Co Rd 11, Delta, AL 36258
  • Cost: $400
     $325 camp fee (covers all Merit Badges and activities) and $75 Troop fee (patches, awards, supplies, transportation, participating adults, etc.)
  • Register by: Tuesday, Mar 7, 2023
    (Register by March 7 for the best chance of getting desired Merit Badge classes. Registrations can continue after March 7 until slots at Sequoyah are filled.


Summer Camp at Camp Sequoyah in Delta Alabama will be an exciting and memorable week! Scouts will learn Scout skills, earn Merit Badges, participate in individual, patrol, and Troop challenges, and have great fun with friends! 


  • February 7: Registration opens
  • March 7:
    • Registration and Merit Badge selection deadline to have the best chance of getting preferred Merit Badge classes.
      • Note: Registration and Merit Badge Selection will stay open and will remain open until all camper slots are filled. However, the chance of getting preferred Merit Badges will decrease as Summer Camp gets closer.
    • Invoices will be sent 
  • March 12: Deadline to select Merit Badges (for best chance of getting preferred classes)
  • March 14: Full payment is due
  • April  18: All Medical Forms due (A/B1/B2/C) and insurance Card 
  • TBD: Medical Form Check Off – Come during your assigned time to review any incomplete/incorrect details on medical forms. This is mandatory. 
  • June 3 – Adult Training must be completed
  • June 17: (Sat) – Mandatory check-in for all scouts and adults attending summer camp. Bring medications, get your schedule and t-shirt, drop off cookies, etc.  (3:30 – 5:30 pm) 
  • June 18-24 – Summer Camp 


  • Temperature: 65 – 90
  • Our camping areas are Hawks Landing and Cherokee Point
  • Each patrol site has 4-6 tents in it
    • Toilets: Yes, two flushing per patrol site
    • Showers: Yes, two hot showers per patrol site
    • Shelter: Yes, a large tarp over picnic table in each patrol site
    • Tables: Yes, one per patrol site
    • Fire ring: Yes
    • Power: No, there is not power at the campsites. CPAP batteries can be charged during the day in the camp office
  • Ice: Yes
  • Cellular: Yes, good coverage depending on provider
  • Wifi: No


  • There are over 50 merit badges offered that all Scouts can choose.
  • If you are going to select individual Merit Badges, click here for the full Camp Sequoyah Merit Badge Schedule. This is a great way to plan your schedule.
    • As you view the MB Schedule, notice the 4 columns. Each of those is a session during every morning of camp. 
    • Select one off those classes in each column.
    • As an example, if I selected the following, that would be my morning schedule for each day, Monday through Friday.
      • Session 1: “Canoeing”
      • Session 2: “Archery”
      • Session 3: “Cooking” 
      • Session 4: “Wilderness Survival” 
    • Tip: View the map of camp (above link) to see where classes are located to avoid (if possible) “ping-ponging” across camp to switch between your classes,. 
    • Because some classes may fill up quickly, it is important to select backup Merit Badge classes. In other words, you may not get your exact schedule choices. 
    • Once you have your draft schedule determine, click on the below red button to complete the Google Form to let us know what Merit Badges to enroll you in. Deadline is March 12. 
    • Once you have completed the Google form, those selections are final. 

Special notes on Merit Badges

    • Get to know your MB before camp! Check out the MB pamphlets from the Scout library or buy the pamphlets. 
    • Click here for the list of merit badges and any requirements of those Merit Badges
    • Only take Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, or Communication if these are the last Eagle merit badges you need to earn your Eagle Rank. These courses require Scoutmaster approval. 
    • Some MB will not be completed at camp (Camping, Backpacking, Cit in the Nation, Cit in the World, Cooking, Emergency Prep, Communications/Public Speaking, Inventing, Dentistry, Personal Fitness, Reptile and Amphibian Study)
    • Wilderness Survival: Scouts will spend the night in a shelter they build. The overnight trip occurs at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday night. Need bug spray. 
    • Astronomy: Scouts will meet for about an hour for star gazing on Tuesday night. This is subject to change.
    • Climbing: Scouts must be 13+
    • Shotgun: Scouts must be 13+


  • The Troop (our SPL) will select 3 activities for our Troop for each afternoon
    • Waterfront Rec Swim and Diving Board
    • War Canoe
    • Rowing
  • Sailing
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Sequoyah sidewinder 
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding
  • Fishing from a rowboat
  • Disc Golf
  • Lake Cross Trail Hike
  • Nature Hike
  • Climbing
  • The Parthenon
  • Hawk and Knive Throwing
  • Rifle Shooting
  • Shotgun Shooting
  • Fishing from shore
  • Archery
  • Vulcan’s Metal Forge
  • Mountain Biking
  • Complete various merit badges as a Troop
  • Conservation and Service Project


  • A variety of fun activities, campfires, and programs are offered.
    • Opening Campfire (Sunday night)
    • Adventure Valley Mud Run! (Monday night)
    • Are you Tougher than a staffer?! (Tuesday night)
    • Vespers
    • Night Canoe Experience (Tuesday night)
    • Camp Honor Trail and OA Campfire (Wednesday night)
    • Triatholon (Thursday night)
    • Closing Campfire (Friday night)


On Friday afternoon, the Camp Sequoyah Famous Water Carnival is a BLAST! Our Troop will compete in 7 magnificient events and battle for the coveted rights to be declared the Water Carnival Champions! 

  • Water Spaniel Special! 
  • Swim by weight!
  • The In-an-Out Canoe Race!
  • Life Jacket Relay!
  • Fun Noodle Race!
  • Canoe Tug-o-War! 
  • Scoutmaster Belly Flop!


Due to the timing of summer camp and the involvement of Scouts in area swim teams, we are gauging the level of interest in returning to Atlanta Tuesday evening, June 20, for swim meets. No guarantees one way or the other. Just exploring the option. During registration, indicate if you Scout is on Swim Team and would want to return for a Tuesday evening meet. Contact Clinton Cole with questions. 


Swim tests will be done in April and May. Stay tuned for details to signup. 


  • We need 10-12 adults to participate during the week of Summer Camp. Your costs are covered by the Troop.
  • If your Youth Protection Training (YPT) and Hazardous Weather Training and medical forms are not completed by the deadlines you will not be eligible to go. 
  • For training questions and documentation, contact Sean Borja for T77 and Marcus Taylor for T177 
  • The camp will work to accomodate what training is needed by our adults They are offering Paddlecraft safety. Details will be communicated. What do you need? IOLS? BSA Lifeguard training? Wilderness First Aid? 


Every participant will need Forms A, B1, B2 and C completed. You are responsible to keep medical forms current and a copy for your reference. 

  • Notes about Form C
    • It must be completed by certified and licensed physicians (MD, DO), nurse practitioners, or physician assistants. (It doesn’t have to be your doctor.)
    • You can get evaluated and the form completed at clinics other than your primary physicans like an Urgent Care clinic. 
  • T77 participants should drop their completed forms in the black box during a Tuesday night meeting. 
  • T177 should submit their forms to their Unit leader.

If a participant does not have med forms completed by the dates outlined above, the participant will not go. If you need a new form to complete please obtain a copy at . . . 

Medical Forms


If your Scout will take any medication (over-the-counter and/or prescription) during the campout, the parent must complete this dosage form and give just enough medication for the campout in original packaging to the medical officer. Parents should complete this form . . .

NO prescription, over the counter medicine, vitamins or herbal supplements are permitted in a scout’s luggage.

Emergency medications such as Epi-pen and albuterol inhalers should be kept with the Scout at all times!!!!!

Medication Dispensing Log


Medical and religious dietary restrictions can be accomodated. Campers can bring their own dietary supplements and food, which can be stored in the camp fridge and pantry. 


Detailed list of gear your scout will need to make their stay in camp comfortable.

Gear Recommendations page, (includes Hiker Direct link)

Click here for the Scout Shop online store


Each adult who drives will be reimbursed for each person (including self) they transport each way ($5 each way per person). 

Those driving the trailers will be reimbursed $0.625 per mile  


There is a long standing tradition for parents to make snacks (cookies, brownies, bacon for the adults, etc) to send with us for the week. We give these out to scouts that did a good deed, as a daily pick me up, and just because. You do not have to send anything but thanks to those that do.

You will drop them off at Scout Hall the day before departure, Saturday, June 17.

Label all homemade cookies (Gluten Free, Nut Free, etc.) for easier distribution to scouts with allergies.

Please make sure all cookies are in a disposable container that will not need to be returned.


Scouts LOVE to receive mail and packages from home.  Please send packages in enough time for them to arrive during the week (it is OK to send them the week before and the camp will hold them).  Mail can take 4 to 5 days to arrive so please plan accordingly. Any mail received after the troop has checked out will be returend to the sender. 

Camp Sequoyah
Scout’s Full Name
Troop 77 or 177, Week 34907 Co Rd 11Delta, AL 36258


Camp Sequoyah (Office)……………. 256-253-2275 

Greater Alabama Council ………………….205-970-0251


  • Senior Patrol Leaders
    • T77, TBD
    • T177, TBD
  • Trip Planner
    • Andrew Kraft 
  • Summer Camp Leaders
    • TBD
  • Scoutmaster
    • T77, Clinton Cole, ‭(678) 595-3332‬,
    • T177, Marcus Taylor, ‭+1 (404) 295-0428‬,


Camp Sequoyah’s refund policy for their fee ($325) is found here on their website. 

The Troop’s refund policy for the Troop fee will mirror Camp Sequoyah’s

  • Requests received 60 or more days before the event – you will receive 100% of the total event fee
  • Requests received 30 or more days before the event – you will receive 80% of the total event fee
  • Requests received 14-29 days before the event – you will receive 50% of the total event fee
  • Within 13 days of the event, no refunds are made except for special hardship cases such as:
    • Family relocation
    • Summer school related issue
    • Accident, illness, or death in the immediate family
    • Natural disaster 


Northeast Alabama Medical Center (20 miles, 25 minutes from camp)

400 E 10th St

Anniston, AL 36207

(256) 235-5121