About Us

In the Fall of 2017, the BSA announced that starting in February of 2019 all of its programs would be open to girls. Oak Grove United Methodist Church, which has chartered Troop 77 continuously since 1950, chartered Troop 177 making us one of the first Scouts BSA Troops for girls. Many of the leadership of Troop 77 had long wished the same personal development opportunities scouts offer boys were open to girls. Within a few months, we recruited over 10 scouts who quickly began camping, earning merit badges, and advancing.


Mr. Marcus Taylor is currently serving as our Scoutmaster. While the scouts are encouraged to lead themselves using the Patrol Method, there are many opportunities for parents and adults to participate in the leadership of the program.

Scoutmasters and assistant scoutmasters help the troop directly working with the scouts to guide them in planning and executing camping and other outings while working on advancement and merit badges. Committee members assist the program through activities like fundraising, planning activities, keeping the books, managing the website and much, much more. Almost all scouting volunteers comment that the program has given them almost as much as it has the scouts. We encourage all parents to volunteer.

Council and District Information

We belong to the Hightower Trail District, of the Atlanta Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America, a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.