March 7, 2023

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Meeting This Week

This week we will be working on the Communications MB.

March Camping Trip — Camporee

March 24 – 26, 2023

Join Scouts from across the Hightower Trail District to camp jamboree style at Bert Adams for two nights and three days. This will be a weekend of Scout games and activities leading up to the district Camporee tradition of the Golden Axe. Troop 77 and 177 will host Firem’n Chit and Totin’ Chip activities for other Scouts. 

For more information and to sign up visit:

Trip Quartermaster Process

In the past, a trip quartermaster was assigned to take home the patrol box after each trip and make sure everything was cleaned and then returned at the next meeting. This is a cumbersome process, that often ends up with parents suprised that they need to make room for a rather large box in their vehicle. Often the box was left until the next meeting and propmptly forgotten about until the Scouts go to use the gear at the next outing. Going forward, the patrol box(es) will be unloaded and checked at the church after each trip. If additional cleaning is needed, Scouts will be cleaning the gear at the Church prior to being dismissed from the trip. Scouts will also be responsible for cleaning the troop trailer and making sure all troop and patrol gear is accounted for before leaving the church after each trip.

Parents, this means that we may have a little bit later dismissal but more accurate estimates of when your Scout will be ready for pickup.

Sea Base with Troop 2115

Troop 2115 has a last minute opening for one female Scout to join their Florida Coral Reef Sailing Crew April 2-7, 2023. If you are interested please let Mr. Taylor know and he will forward you the details and contact information.

Lead and Learn on Summer Camp Staff

Parents & Leaders,

We are searching for excellent leaders, just like your Scouts, to serve on the staff at Bert Adams Scout Camp and Woodruff Scout Camp for Summer 2023. Tell your Scouts about this excellent opportunity for growth, and encourage them to apply!

Apply for Camp Staff Today! 

Camp Staff members must be age 15 or older, but those that are 14 can serve as a Counselor-In-Training (CIT) for a two-week volunteer experience.

Click Here  for more information and have them apply today!

Northern Tier Summer 2024

If you are interested in joining a trek to Northern Tier next summer, please fill out the Northern Tier 2024 Interest Form.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp is the week of June 18-24 at Camp Sequoyah in Delta, Alabama. Check out the Summer Camp webpage for all the details and to register! 

Merit Badge Opportunities

Atlanta Area Council has already announced all of the Merit Badge summits for next year. The next Merit Badge Summit will be April 29, 2023.
To learn more about this and other Merit Badge Summits, visit:

Chattahoochee Nature Center offers nature themed merit badge classes on the weekends throughout the year. Upcoming classes include Nature Study April 23 and Environmental Science April 30.
For more information and to register visit:

Dunwoody Nature Center also offers a number of nature related Merit Badges. Upcoming classes include: Nature Study April 8.
Learn more and register at:

Troop Communication

Please be sure to join our Remind Classes to get notifications on all of the Troop 177 happenings. There is an app, but you can choose to get notifications via text messages or email.

Troop 177 Parents

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